MnSEED Project Membership Up!

September has brought a whirl of seed collecting activity and events to participants and more folks are joining the project learning to identify their plantings throughout the season and how to collect seed as plants are preparing for the long winter sleep.

So far in September we've collected 20+ species from 2 locations, Gibbs Farm and the Capitol Region Watershed District Headquarters, with more than 40 people joining in on the seed saving fun! Check out the album from Gibbs Farm on 9/11.( We'll be back there tomorrow during Apple Fest to demonstrate seed cleaning techniques. Hope to see you there! Thank you to everyone participating in the MnSEED Native Plant Community Science Project for adding your observations and sharing with our community! And our deepest gratitude to Capitol Region Watershed District for the partner grant that funds this work!

Anotado por dmlamm dmlamm, 24 de septiembre de 2021 a las 05:25 PM


Great to see all the seed saving activity! And the Apple Festival seed cleaning was great fun!

Anotado por sckh hace cerca de un mes (Advertencia)

It was! 70+ participants! All the families who stopped to try their hand at seed cleaning, threshing and sifting!

Anotado por dmlamm hace 28 días (Advertencia)

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