North side- January 19th

(for @joescience1)
8:33am - 9:41am
Coverage: Alma Bridge Road @ turnout 100 yds north of Quarry Road intersection to stop sign.
Weather: Chilly, 46˚, mostly sunny, warmed up by end of observation time.
Rainfall: MTD 1.72in, YTD 14.071in (per
Vehicles: 18 (20 more, including one truck w/ quad horse trailer, parked in turnouts just below Quarry Rd.)
Bikes: 24+
Pedestrians/ joggers 16
One parked car with a GO NEWT license plate
57 dead newts, 7 fresh (still w/ color)
No other dead critters
one big chanterelle type mushroom
most traffic (vehicle, bike and pedestrian and overall activity to date)
rowing club very active on water, with one power boat coaching

Anotado por truthseqr truthseqr, enero 20, lunes 15:29



Lots of bikes! They run over newts, too, if they're not paying attention to the road.
Cool about the license plate.

Anotado por truthseqr hace cerca de un mes (Advertencia)

forgot to mention one small blimp (was not goodyear) flew overhead.

Anotado por joescience1 hace cerca de un mes (Advertencia)

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