Alligator lizard mating

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Love in the Time of Coronavirus: The Alligator Lizard Version*
With days getting longer and temperatures increasing, we are entering alligator lizard mating season, and we need your help to study their mating activity.

Five years ago, we realized that we could use crowdsourcing as a way to study mating behavior. At that time, there were only three dates reported in the scientific literature for when Southern Alligator Lizards had been observed breeding. We knew we could get more observations through community science, by crowdsourcing the study of this rarely documented behavior. We started asking people to send us photos and videos of mating pairs. We have now accumulated 360 observations of mating Southern Alligator Lizards, and 57 observations of mating Northern Alligator Lizards. We are pretty sure that through community ...más ↓

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This project is to see what species of amphibians and reptiles are found, still live, and/or common in the state of California.

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