Diario del proyecto Sea Slugs of Portugal

22 de enero de 2021

Range extended to the Exclusive Economic Zone of Portugal

Due to some species being pelagic it's only natural that the project includes records outside the territorial boundaries of Portugal but within its Exclusive Economic Zone. This adds one more species to the Project checklist, Fiona pinnata.

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13 de enero de 2021

A new species for Portugal

Toms et al. (2021) described 4 new species which had been previously identified as Limacia clavigera. One of those, Limacia inesae, is present in Portugal and can be distinguished more easily by the smaller size and the arrangement of the dorsal papillae in a single median line:


  • Toms J.A., Pola M., Von der Heyden S. & Gosliner T.M. (2021). Disentangling species of the genus Limacia O.F. Müller, 1781, from southern Africa and Europe using integrative taxonomical methods, with the description of four new species. Marine Biodiversity. 51(1): 1-31., available online at https://doi.org/10.1007/s12526-020-01125-0

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26 de septiembre de 2019

New post stamp collection with nudibranchs from Portugal

The Portuguese postal service (CTT) has released a small collection of post stamps with some of the most iconic nudibranchs species in Portugal. The collection and accompanying texts can be found here:

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18 de agosto de 2018

Change to "collection project"

I've changed this project to the new "collection" type so it gathers records automatically. Also included other opisthobranchs as most who are interested in nudibranchs have a wider interest in sea slugs in general.

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