iNaturalist Vermont Flies Past 100,000 Observations

With a tap on his smartphone and a click to submit to iNaturalist Vermont, Charlie Hohn added the 100,000th record on Friday, a beautiful Pink Lady's Slipper orchid. It was fitting that Charlie made the landmark observation, with nearly 14,000 photo-observations added to the project comprising 1,103 species, Charlie is one of the leaders (and evangelist!) for this project and iNaturalist as a whole.

Anotado por kpmcfarland kpmcfarland, 28 de junio de 2016 a las 02:01 PM


Way to go!

Anotado por erikamitchell hace mas de 5 años (Advertencia)

Double that number in a year? Bet you can. Nice going, Charlie!

Anotado por susanelliott hace mas de 5 años (Advertencia)

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