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loarie Variety Taxodium distichum mexicanum erwin_pteridophilos 25 dic 2018 10:16:06 +0000

it is synonym to Taxodium mucronatum, should be merged in case treated as distinct species


see comments


Present as distinct species with many observations

Anotado por erwin_pteridophilos hace casi 4 años (Advertencia)

Taxodium distichum mexicanum is the accepted name in Plants of the World Online. So either way this gets resolved, it will need some discussion and (hopefully) consensus first.

Anotado por jdmore hace casi 4 años (Advertencia)

I repeatedly told at flags and comments, that "The Plant List" was not usable as prescribed guideline for iNat's taxonomic database. So far so good, by time this was accepted, then substituted by POWO.
This compendium seems to be not much of improvement, i got the impression it is pretty the same. In other words an incomplete listing containing contradictions, still no reliable, logic taxonomic concepts in too many cases.
Some inexperienced, but enthusiastic "curators" just took POWO's dubious suggestions and performed bad changes.
One reason why i quitted as curator, too many inexperienced cooks will spoil iNat's reasonable concepts.
Naming and grouping of living creatures will surely be a never ending challenge, still repeated, endless renamings must not be our prior aim.

Anotado por erwin_pteridophilos hace casi 4 años (Advertencia)

It is definitely acknowledged that POWO, like any such compendium, will be uneven and outdated in some areas, or too quick to adopt questionable taxonomy in other areas. So, while needed as a "default" to anchor iNat's world-wide taxonomy, there is an established process for requesting "deviations" from POWO for sufficient cause.

For this taxon I think you just need to state the case here for why we should maintain Taxodium mucronatum as the accepted name in iNat instead of adopting the POWO name (if I am understanding your request correctly), and flag a few of the more prolific observers and identifiers of T. mucronatum to make sure there is consensus. Then we can just add it to the spreadsheet of deviations from POWO.

I've done a similar thing for Logfia (still in process) here:

And you are already aware of the Cupressus discussion here:
where it looks like the consensus is to maintain Cupressus s.l. as a deviation from POWO. I'll be adding all of those deviations soon!

Anotado por jdmore hace casi 4 años (Advertencia)

Meanwhile I added Taxodium distichum mexicanum as a synonym under T. mucronatum. That way, if anyone types in the first name, they will also get T. mucronatum as a second choice. Hopefully that helps keep all of the IDs in T. mucronatum until this flag is resolved.

Anotado por jdmore hace casi 4 años (Advertencia)

so are we going with POWO (Taxodium mucronatum -> Taxodium distichum mexicanum) or deviating (Taxodium distichum mexicanum -> Taxodium mucronatum) ?

Anotado por loarie hace mas de 3 años (Advertencia)

swapped here to get rid of duplicates - lets continue discussion about whether to deviate from POWO or not here

Anotado por loarie hace mas de 3 años (Advertencia)

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