16 de septiembre de 2020

Botanical Garden Observataions

15,Sept. 2020
Approx: 46 43’17.3’’N 117 01’ 54.2’’W(coordinates)
Near Johnson Cutoff Rd, Moscow ID 83843
(Approx. 0.8 mi from Theophilus Tower Lawn/University of Idaho)

Specimen(s) collected:
Spider: light colored almost white
Spider: light brown, spotted, long legged

Collected on/by plant in bloom
Plant; Color green
Name: Lenten Rose (cultivated)
Has long dark green leave, no flowers
Habitat(surrounding area)- damp soiled area(moist) and cool
-located under the shade of trees(minimal lighting)
-surrounded by grassy area

Collected with sweepnet
Collected w/o handling of flowers, leaves or stems

Specimen collected:(Dragonfly)
Collected by body of water ( small lake/pond)
Plants nearby: tall grass
Leafy and yellow/white in color
Habitat: moss covered pond/lake
Surrounded by grass area
Low hanging trees
Cultivated plants

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02 de septiembre de 2020

Why I Don't get along with Mosquitoes

One of my worst encounters with this insects was when about 11-12 years old and visiting my family in South Carolina. Each night I would go to sleep and wake up covered in bites. At first i thought was normal to get a few bites because we were in the south in the woods area, maybe even that it was the lotion that i used (sweet scented) that was attracting them. But my sister wore the same lotion and wasn't getting eaten alive like i was. Literally I can recall counting as much as 20+ bites on each limb, it was to the point that I look diseased. The question that it raised in my mind was "Is there certain blood, body scents , or even pheromones that mosquitoes are attracted to that makes them go after certain individuals over others?"

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