Sarah :)

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I'm currently an enthusiastic 2nd year Lincoln University student studying Conservation & Ecology with an additional major in Parks and Outdoor Recreation.

Over uni break I'm working for the Department of Pest-Management and Conservation, as a summer scholarship student, on relocating native fauna on Quail Island. So I am doing a lot of field research, monitoring, and surveying in reserves along the Port Hills focusing on several spider and beetle species :)

Much of my interests came from a fascination of insects and spiders and any other NZ wildlife when I was young. I've completed many personal and scholarly science/research projects, visited many wildlife reserves, parks, museums, and have volunteered and travelled around NZ studying these passions as well as NZ history and Maori culture.

I've had many pets throughout my life which have developed my love of animals and insects. Past and present pets vary from the usual of dogs, a cat, birds, chickens, fish, mice, a rat, frogs, all the way to the little fellas being: cockroaches, caterpillars, slaters, flies, disabled butterflies, slugs, spiders, snails, bees, praying mantids, beetles, weta and soooo much more, pretty much anything I can get my hands on!

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