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Hey, I'm Andrew. I think plants (especially trees) are amazing! I love iNaturalist because it makes learning new species so easy! I recently graduated from Lehigh University w/ a Masters in Biology, and am actively seeking conservation, sustainability or lab work in the Greater Philadelphia area.

I grow and plant a lot of trees (like the one I’m holding in my profile picture) through a small, non-profit organization that I started in summer 2020. I grow unwanted volunteer seedlings, germinate seeds in nursery pots and find places to plant them in my community for free. Here is the Facebook page where you can find more info about it!

I recently made a video about the Spotted Lanternfly, a new invasive insect in the United States that is causing many problems in Pennsylvania. Check it out here!

I've made some videos to help with your IDs - check out the links below!
Complete Sumac (Rhus) Video guide and dichotomous key
How to differentiate between Smooth Sumac (Rhus glabra) and Staghorn Sumac (Rhus typhina)
How to Identify Tree of Heaven and its native lookalikes

I'm also trying to make educational science videos on TikTok in hopes of showing the younger generations that nature and science is amazing!
Here are a few of my TikToks:
Studying Population genetics of corals in the Gulf of Mexico
The amazing story of the Franklin Tree

I've made a few other biology-related videos:
What are Bacteriophages?
Growing Kentucky Coffeetrees in Pringles Cans!
How Plants Disperse Their Seeds

"The naturalist suffers a pleasant nuisance – not being able to walk 100 yards without being tied to the spot by some new and wondrous creature."
-Charles Darwin

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