Emily Summerbell

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I'm a Ph.D. cancer biology researcher by day who likes to escape the pressures lab by occasionally going outside to do things like geocache, rescue feral cats, and/or take pictures of interesting bits of nature in order to learn more about other kinds of biology. Expert in cancer invasion and metastasis, (continually learning) amateur in taxonomy. Originally from Atlanta, GA, but relocated to Maryland in July 2020.

I'm particularly into plants, most especially invasive plants and critters that live inside plants (i.e. galling insects). I'm continually learning taxonomy as this is not my usual domain of nerdy knowledge, so if I get an ID wrong, I'd love to hear why!

If you are a scientist of any kind and would like samples of any of my observations for research, I am more than happy to send you what I can!

(Least) Favorite invasive plants to ID:
-Japanese chaff flower (Achyranthes japonica)
-Elaeagnus sp. (Autumn olive, thorny olive, etc.)
-Barberries (Berberis sp.)
-Periwinkles (Vinca sp.)
-Heavenly bamboo (Nandina domestica)

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