Kathleen L. Ryan

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My appreciation for wildlife started very early, at the age of eight, when my mother took me with her on several camping trips. San Jose State (now SJSU) offered natural science classes, and they had a, "Junior" program for children. Years later I took a class in high school, and learned the art and science of photography. This was back in the day of film. I learned f-stops, depth-of-field, gray scale, etc. The summer I graduated from high school, I accompanied my mother on another field trip titled, "Natural History Hawaiian Islands." This is when I truly became inspired with photography, as beauty abounded in Hawaii. For years after the Hawaii trip, I wanted to go on a photo safari to Kenya and Tanzania. I made this dream a reality, and went with Leonard Lee Rue III, who was the most published wildlife photographer in America, at the time. I feel blessed to have learned the finer nuances of photography from him, as this was the trip of a lifetime! - https://owaa.org/owaa-legends/living-legend-leonard-lee-rue-iii/ I've had about 30 photos I've taken, accepted into the photo-library of World Wildlife Fund, and have had my photos published in their newsletter, "Focus," several times. Currently they're using my Black Rhinoceros photo on line at their website here: https://www.worldwildlife.org/photos/black-rhino--5

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