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Hobbyist suburban naturalist and wildlife gardener! My unofficial focus for 2022 has been distinctively-marked species in Syrphidae, Vespidae, Coccinellidae, and Mordellidae, but I pretty much take photos of anything that sits still long enough and I think might be identifiable to species or a neat genus at my camera's resolution.

On the ID side, I mainly do lady beetles in the eastern US region, with a particular fondness for distinctive but often overlooked species, especially uncommon species and color variations that often get misclassified. I don't have any formal training in botany or entomology, so my familiarity with taxa beyond the local Coccinellidae is a bit opportunistic and scattershot (i.e. mostly species and lookalikes that I stumbled across myself and researched how to identify).

When I'm working through IDs for more than a handful of obs at a time, the cumulative social anxiety of messaging strangers tends to bog me down fast, so I'm nowhere near as consistent as I'd like to be about leaving explanatory comments — please feel free to call me back to elaborate if you want to know what features I was looking at or where I got my info from! Or, y'know, if you think I hit the wrong thing on autopilot and I need to come back and fix it. I don't expect you to take my word for an ID in any taxa, and in fact would prefer that you did not — this includes species where I may have accidentally topped the ID leaderboard! I can’t know what I don’t know, and I’m learning new things all the time; occasionally, despite my best efforts, I discover something that means a feature I’d been relying on for ID isn’t as reliable as I’d thought.

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