Louis Backstrom

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I'm a birder by nature (see my eBird profile at ebird.org/profile/NDU3MzMz) but am increasingly broadening my scope to all things natural history. Here on iNaturalist my primary focus is butterflies, but you'll also see the odd frog, and anything else that catches my eye and stays still enough for my camera!

You may notice I spend a lot of my time IDing Australian Butterflies, even older observations or those that have already reached Research Grade. I'm doing this for several reasons - to improve my personal ID skills and the overall quality of the Australian iNat butterfly dataset. Even the best of us make mistakes, and by adding my voice in support of an observation's ID (or indeed, by suggesting a different ID that I feel is correct) I hope to reduce the number of mis-identifications in the dataset, and increase the confidence in each observation's ID (3 supporting IDs is, after all, a more confident identification than 2). I also make regular use of the "can the Community Taxon still be confirmed or improved?" button to promote tricky observations to Research Grade, even if they are not at species-level.

If you're sick of notifications of my IDs clogging up your feed (and I can very much sympathize with that, especially if you have hundreds of butterfly observations!) there are two options you can take to alleviate this. The first (and less severe!) is to "mute" me, which should stop you getting notifications from me commenting on and I think (/hope) identifying your observations. The more extreme option is to block me - which stops me being able to interact with you at all (I'll still be able to see your observations, but won't be able to comment, ID or message you etc.). I won't take it personally at all if you decide blocking is better for you! Both of these options can be found under Settings -> Relationships.

If you have any queries about an observation or identification of mine (particularly if you think I have made an error!) please don't hesitate to reach out, either via a tag in the comments of an observation or a direct message. I'm very active so shouldn't take too long to respond.

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