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I'm a birder, but that's what eBird's for, so iNat ends up being where I post everything else I'm into. I picked up herping about a year ago, and have a particular affinity for the diversification of Plethodontids across the west. I'm originally from Oakland, where getting to tidepools can be a bit difficult, but right before I moved to SB I started doing a bit of tidepooling in Marin and Half Moon Bay, and found myself hooked by the diversity of intertidal demersal fish. Now that I live right by a great tidepool spot, I've been regularly going out, and am now truly hooked on learning their identification and filling in gaps on iNat for coastal fish of the area.

I study biology in the College of Creative Studies at UC Santa Barbara with an emphasis in ecology and evolutionary biology. I'm presently interested in molecular phylogenetics, systematics, population/conservation genetics, and molecular ecology

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