Y. Lim

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I am a home gardener and amateur plant breeder. My day job has nothing to do with plants or horticulture, so the plant stuff is for fun. I am very much into native plants of the northeast, pollinators, and am also obsessed with birds. I have been slowly converting part of my backyard to a micro prairie. I have been into this stuff since I was a kid.

I try to get outside to check out nature when I can. Most of the plants in the micro prairie have been grown from seed. I also propagate plants from cuttings, although growing from seed for genetic diversity is my preferred method. I noticed more gardeners are becoming interested in native plants and I was able to share a surplus of seedlings I had this spring. I hope to learn more about plants, birds, and other wildlife, and helping the environment one yard at a time.

I recently came into an old DSLR camera and am trying to document interesting plants and other critters that I find.

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