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I'm an amateur, so thanks to everyone who corrects me, especially those who take the trouble to explain why! I'm open to any criticism for making observations, identification, syntax, photography, or whatever.

Everything captivates me in nature, but I've spent more time with Plantae and Fungi than the others. I am by no means an expert in those kingdoms, but feel free to ask me stuff. I learn a lot by attempting identification. I browse Mushroom Observer and am fairly active on shroomery.org's (18+) Hunting and ID forum (both great places to get your Fungi observations identified).

My favorite mushroom guide for Vermont is: Mushrooms of the Northeastern United States and Eastern Canada by Timothy J. Baroni.

My favorite plant guides for Vermont are: Wildflowers of Vermont and Shrubs and Vines of Vermont, both by Kate Carter. These guides are great for the field.

Flora Novae Angliae by Arthur Haines is the best I've seen for a plant guide in the area.

I plan on spending the winter months revising my observations and identifications. I am learning so much, even just by paying attention to what gets posted to the Vermont Atlas of Life. Thank you all. :)

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