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Give someone an apple seed and they can grow a tree and have apples every season but give them some cider and they will just drink it.

My Victorian dragonfly book is now available; more info...

During summer I'm out often looking for invertebrates to photograph. During autumn and early winter there's not much around except for fungus so I will bombard the system with mushroomy things.

For some of my photos I have made an effort to acquire a decent image but these may be overwhelmed by the many photos supplied just for verification purposes. I apologize for the overwhelming as I am underwhelming.

I help identify other people's sightings when I can but have less time to do so these days as I'm busy submitting my own. I do the best I can, which is passable but far from perfect.

Have a nice day and don't forget your camera - I did once. ;-)

My iNat stats for 2019

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