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RIVR is the acronym of the transliterated Russian name of the project “Rasprostranenie Invasionnyh Vidov Rastenij” (English translation: “Occurrences of Invasion Plant Species”). The aim of the project was to make a tool for collecting and retrieving information about invasion plants occurrence. The site of the project http://ib.komisc.ru/add/rivr is dedicated to one invasion plant species - Heracleum sosnowskyi. The occurrence data can be added by any user after simple registration.

The creators of the project considered that the further development of the RIVR project will lead to the reproduction of the functionality of the iNaturalist project. Therefore, it was decided to transfer the data uploaded by volunteers in RIVR system (with their consent) to the iNaturalist system. This solution will simplify the collection of data on occurrences of giant hogweeds invasive species by volunteers.

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