Steven Lamonde

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I am a bird nerd at heart, and iNaturalist helps me document and learn about all the other wild creatures and plants that I find. I've become particularly interested in butterflies and moths, and working on learning other insects. Here is my eBird profile:

Currently, I work as an ecologist with Moosewood Ecological and teach graduate GIS courses at Antioch University New England. My research interests generally fall within the realm of spatial avian ecology, and much of my work has focused on studying warblers, particularly the genus Vermivora, in the Champlain Valley of Vermont.

Want to collaborate on a project? Send me a message @slamonde !

Also, please don't agree with me if I am the first one to ID your post, unless you do your own research. My ID may be wrong, and if you didn't know what it was before I added an identification, how are you so sure I'm right? Together we can improve the data quality of iNaturalist by not jumping to ID conclusions.

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