Where will YOU be May 15-25?

I am excited to share that we will be promoting a global snapshot of biodiversity as part of National Geographic's Great Nature Project from May 15-25, 2015. The goal is to motivate people to explore biodiversity wherever they are in order to document as many species as possible.

Anything observed between May 15 00:00:00 and May 25 23:23:59 (your local time) will automatically count towards the global snapshot. The newly created global snapshot project is essentially a worldwide bioblitz. This is just like any other “bioblitz” type project on iNaturalist, except the spatial boundaries are planet earth.

If you're interested in helping spread the word, we’ve created a toolkit with pdfs of flyers, banners, postcards, and a guide explaining how to use the resources (toolkit on Google Drive).

In the meantime, keep exploring and sharing your photos of biodiversity with the Great Nature Project!

Publicado el lunes, 30 de marzo de 2015 a las 02:35 AM por carrieseltzer carrieseltzer


Excellent. Is there any announcement on facebook that would be easy to share to groups I belong to?

Anotado por northeastnaturalist hace mas de 8 años

Sorry, I see that the 5/15-25 bioblitz has its own project page separate from GNP, and I found the little share button...

Anotado por northeastnaturalist hace mas de 8 años

That's a good way to do it! We'll also have a Facebook event for it but it's not up just yet, but there will be, and I'll link to it when it's up! Thanks for helping spread the word!

Anotado por carrieseltzer hace mas de 8 años

Count me in! Looking forward to the date :-)

Anotado por acinojto hace mas de 8 años

Excited about the Snapshot Carrie + Great Nature team!

Anotado por loarie hace mas de 8 años

Yes!! I'm very much exited about the event and I'm gonna conduct couple of photo walks so I'm really looking forward to this.... Thanks to Great Nature Team!! Thanks to National Geographic and iNautralist !!!

Anotado por kaizer_kabir hace mas de 8 años

That's great, kaizer_kabir! Glad to have participants from Bangladesh!

Anotado por carrieseltzer hace mas de 8 años

I'm in! This is a new event that is motivating me to visit locations that I've never been to, and to discover and share more wonderful biodiversity.

Anotado por dotun55 hace mas de 8 años

Awesome! I'm excited to see your contributions, Dotun!

Anotado por carrieseltzer hace mas de 8 años

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