The Winning Inch


DATES: Sunday, Jan. 2nd (Rain Date; Jan. 9th)-

Free camping and park use for participants
Where | Sugarloaf Ridge State Park (Glass Fire Burn Site)

Hello everyone,

I wanted to take a moment to share this amazing event hosted by @dlevitis and the Sonoma Ecology Center. They are inviting all naturalists to Sugarloaf Ridge State Park to join a bioblitz game called The Winning Inch. Teams (called inches) of three iNaturalists have one full day to document as much of the biodiversity of the park as they can according to The Winning Inch Game Rules:

All participants will be given a free day pass to the park and are encouraged to camp at their group campsite the evening after the event.

Signup form:
Each member of your inch should fill out this form, but please make sure all three enter the same Inch Name.

Feel free to reach out to @dlevitis with any questions!

This is a great opportunity to come out and explore the Glass Fire burn area and contribute to the Fire Followers project as well. Be sure to click on the links provided above in the description to learn more about this event.

You are tagged in this post because you are among some of the top observers in the Glass Fire burn area and we hope you take part in this Bioblitz coming up!
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Thank you Jose! I'll add that all participants, even if they aren't in competition, are invited to stay at Sugarloaf's group camp site that evening. AND the winners will receive a bag of swag from CNPS and Sugarloaf to help them in their boasting.

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@graysquirrel keep in mind that teams are limited to three, and the rules are written to reward collaboration among experienced and newer iNat users.

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Afraid I won't be able to join. Will you be posting a follow-up article with some highlights from the event? Might be nice to read about it and see some pictures after the fact.

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@screedius I will write a summary of the event. Hope you can come to Sugarloaf in the future.

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We will be bioblitzing tomorrow at Sugarloaf Ridge State Park. Many people have asked if they can participate without competing, and the answer is yes please!

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