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07 de febrero de 2019

Northern California is suddenly awash in locally grown black truffles.

About a decade ago, California-grown black or Périgord truffles were at best a dream, and at worst a long shot. That’s when about a dozen farmers started planting orchards of hazelnut and oak trees, their roots inoculated with Tuber melanosporum spores. If the orchard was carefully tended, the first black truffles could form within five to eight years, though it would take a couple more years for an orchard to really bear fruit.

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15 de febrero de 2019

Re-Oaking: Santa Rosa wrote:
Hello, oak enthusiasts!

We're writing to let you know that Re-Oak California will be holding a seedling distribution event this weekend in Santa Rosa. The Oak Van and I will be at the Veterans' Building Farmer's Market, from 8am until 4pm--note that the market itself closes at 2pm, but we'll hang around for a couple hours thereafter. If we've got seedlings left on Sunday, we'll be at the same location from 8am till 2pm, while the flea market is underway.

The Veterans' Building is at 1351 Maple Ave in Santa Rosa. The Oak Van should be easy to spot: she's the noblest-looking cargo van for miles, and bears identifying signage.

Remember that seedlings should be planted pretty close to their source areas; if you've got fertile ground within about 60km of Santa Rosa, we have plants for you! This will be a first-come, first-served event, so try to be there early.

If you're receiving this despite living in another part of the state, please accept my apologies. I figured you'd be interested to know what we're up to, even if it's in a far-off corner of California.

I hope to meet some of you this weekend!

Take care,

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08 de febrero de 2019

Bill Pramuk, Trees and People: To save or not to save an old oak.

A recent email brings up some important points about a common tree problem:

-- Signs of decay in an older tree that has significance for the owner.

-- The concept of a “disease center”

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23 de febrero de 2019

The Real Dirt: Finding an ecological niche for the Blue Oak.

The dry grass surrounding this blue oak in upper Bidwell Park is no sign for worry, as the species is adapted to drought conditions.

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