13 de septiembre de 2019

Butte County’s western pond turtle: A reptile in trouble.

CHICO — The western pond turtle in Butte County is currently shaking in its shell, due to habitat alteration and introduced species that are killing off the local reptile.


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09 de septiembre de 2019

Butte County’s yellow-legged frog under threat.

CHICO — If you see something hopping around in Big Chico Creek, chances are it could be the foothill yellow-legged frog. This frog is currently being evaluated by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife to possibly be placed on the state’s endangered species list.


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07 de septiembre de 2019

California Celebrates Biodiversity Day with BioBlitz Events Across the State.

I'll be at Border Field State Park on Saturday morning at 8:30am! Anyone near is welcome to join up for iNatting! If you can't meet here, hopefully you can find a state park near you!


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28 de agosto de 2019

A Battle To Protect The Environment When Housing Is In High Demand.

“Salamanders are helpful because they prey on these wide variety of insects and to help minimize crop damages and damages to other things,” says Grefsrud. “They keep the ecosystem in balance, along with all the other species that are in there.”


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23 de agosto de 2019

Nature News: Lounging With Lizards.

There are many different types of reptiles living in the warm climate of Southern California, but some of the most common are the lizards that share our area, such as the Western fence lizard.


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20 de agosto de 2019

Meet the 'rock star' frog breeder vying to save Southern California's rarest amphibian.

By 2002, when the species was listed under the federal Endangered Species Act, fewer than 100 adults remained in the region. The situation demanded an emergency intervention, and Recchio is one expert who answered the call.


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31 de julio de 2019

Efforts to Save Federally Endangered Frogs, Tadpoles Continue.

Close to one thousand Los Angeles Zoo bred mountain yellow-legged frogs and tadpoles (Rana muscosa) will be released into a tributary to Cooper Canyon, located in the Angeles National Forest. Representatives from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Los Angeles Zoo, and Forest Service will release the tadpoles Aug. 14 as efforts to save this federally endangered species enter their thirteenth year. This marks the second year tadpoles have been released into Angeles National Forest.


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25 de julio de 2019

19 de julio de 2019


Manteca effort to retrieve California tiger salamander & western spadefoot toad will save taxpayers $1M plus.


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12 de julio de 2019

They may be slow, but they're not easy to find: Keeping up with the elusive Western pond turtle.

District launches an app to report sightings of Western pond turtles, other species.


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