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29 de octubre de 2015

Salamander Season!!!

First off, those of you on this project that know me, I love salamnders. They are my favorite animals on this earth. Those of you who don't know me, well now you know.

Because I love salamanders I know that winter is the best time to find them here in California. The winter rains bring them out of their estivation period and they will soon start to reproduce, if they haven't already.

Anyway I'm not forcing anyone to do this but I challenge anyone willing to go out there and find as many salmanders as they can from now until May. Have fun and happy hunting!!!

P.S. Please be respectful of these animals as they are secretive and sensitive to human touch. If you find them undrr something please put the log, rock, etc back but in a way where the animal won't get hurt. Also, we have 2 species of poisonous newts here in the state. They are the rough-skinned newt and the California newt. For your safety and the newt's, please do not pick them up unless you are a proffesional.

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