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21 de marzo de 2017

Rattlesnakes battle for female and don’t care who’s watching.

And there they were, the snakes wrapping their slippery, slithering bodies around one another. Onlookers speculated the snakes were mating, but local expert Jason Magee, owner of OC Snake Removal in Laguna Niguel, said the photos show two males battling over dominance during breeding season.

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23 de marzo de 2017

Endangered Species Of Frog Found Breeding In Santa Monica Mountains.

A breeding site of the California red-legged frog, an endangered species, was discovered last week in the Santa Monica Mountains, according to National Park Service spokesman Zach Behrens.

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25 de marzo de 2017

Sebastopol photographer's stunning image named California’s Wildlife Photo of the Year.

Quickly adjusting the manual settings on his Nikon D7100 digital camera, Asel snapped several frames, suspecting all along he was capturing something special. He didn’t realize how special, however, until after he returned home and uploaded the images on his computer.

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